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Summary of Process

We’ve made “eating healthy” easy by providing two options when ordering our USDA Certified Organic Angus Beef.

Order by mail. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Please print and complete our Purchase Agreement, attach a deposit check for the quantity
  • Mail to:  Mount Airy Farms
                    P. O. Box 1888

                           Middleburg, VA 20118




Order online.

  • Simply select the quantity of steer you want.
  • Pay your deposit online by using Paypal or any major credit card.

Final Process:

•    As soon as we receive your order and deposit we will contact you to provide an estimated delivery date to

     the processor. Normally delivery to the processor takes 60-120 days.

•    We will pick the processor based on first availability, however, if customer wants organic processing or
     if customer wants to select a specific processor in the area, please let us know and we will try to

     accommodate the request.

•    After you receive the delivery date, please provide a $65 depoist toward the processing fee to the Processor.
•    Also please complete a Cut Sheet and send it to the processor prior to the delivery date.

•    Upon delivery to the processor, we will send you a final invoice which is due within 5 days of receipt.

     Mount Airy Farms must receive full payment in order for you to pick up your meat from the processor.

•    The processing fees are paid by customer directly to the processor at the time you pick up your meat.

     Processing fees are based on weight. The estimated cost to process a half steer is approx. $165-264.

•    Please call the processor directly to schedule pick up.


Gore’s Meats                                            540-984-8138

USDA Organically Certified

12526 S. Middle Road

Edinburg, VA 22824


Link cut sheets


Blue Ridge Meats                                     540-636-6050

Animal Welfare Approved; Humane Slaughterhouse

2391 Guard Hill Road

Middletown, VA 22645


Link cut sheets


Additional Information:

•    Customers ordering a half or a quarter must allow additional time to be paired with other customers in
     order to utilize the whole steer at time of processing.

•    A quarter steer does not require a cut sheet and processor will use their discretion.

•    All deposits are non-refundable.

•    Delivery fee of $100 per load.



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