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What We Do
  • We raise our cattle free of hormones and antibiotics.
  • Our cattle are bred, born, and raised right here, on over 1,000 acres of blue grass & clover pasture.
  • Our cows are truly 100% free range, never penned. Each cow is provided about 3 acres free range grazing, allowing our animals excellent forage opportunity without overuse of the land.
  • We fence the water sources on our land.
  • We use ecologically sound and sustainable farming techniques.

Why We Do It

  • We believe that healthy animals make for healthier people.
  • Free range, grass-fed cows produce leaner, more nutritional beef.
  • We believe in stewardship of our land for future generations.
  • Our free range policy allows natural fertilization of our land without the toxic chemical buildup and disposal issues common on larger, commercial farms.
  • Our practices reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

What We Don't Do

  • We do not use hormones or antibiotics.
  • We do not confine our cattle.
  • We do not genetically modify our breeding stock.
  • We do not purchase outside cattle.

Summary of Process
  • Send a completed Purchase Agreement & required deposit.
  • Send a completed Cut Sheet.
  • Pay final balance upon delivery of the steer to the processor.
  • Pick up your meat at the processor & pay the processor directly for their fees.

How to Order

The first step to order your organic beef is to download and complete the Purchase Agreement. Or, you can call us and we will be happy to send you a copy.

In order to complete the Purchase Agreement, please choose either a whole steer, half steer, or quarter steer. Customers ordering a half or a quarter must allow additional time to be paired with other customers in order to utilize the whole steer at time of processing.

Delivery Date

Upon receipt of a completed Purchase Agreement and the required deposit, we will contact you to provide an estimated delivery date. Typically, it will take 60-120 days to deliver the steer to the processor. However, it could take longer depending on the time of year.

Processing the steer will take approximately 3-6 weeks upon delivery of the steer to the processor. This includes the aging of the meat. The processor will contact you when your meat is ready for pickup. The processor may charge additional fees for storage if your meat is not picked up by the scheduled date.

Price and Delivery Cost

Price per Pound (live weight): $2.25

The price is based on the live weight of the steer before processing. The steer is weighed at the Marshall Livestock Exchange on the day of delivery to the processor.

The delivery cost is $100 per load. This will be allocated between all of the customers for that load.

Processing Cost

Processing costs are paid directly to the processor when you pick up your meat. For more information on the processing costs, please contact the processor directly.


We estimate that the average cost per pound for the take home weight is about $5.96 per pound. Click Here to see a detailed example.


In order to secure your order, we require a non-refundable deposit with your Purchase Agreement as follows:


The remainder of your payment is due within 5 days of delivering your steer to the processor. Full payment must be received by Mount Airy Farms in order to pick up your meat. Please make your check payable to Mount Airy Farms.


Fauquier's Finest
11746 Ag Industrial Drive
Bealeton, VA 22712

Gore's Custom Slaughter
1426 Double Church Road
Stephens City, VA 22655

Cutting Options

Prior to delivering your steer to the processor, you must complete the Cut Sheet and send it to us. We will forward your Cut Sheet to the processor upon delivery of your steer. You can complete this Cut Sheet or you can call us and we will be happy to send you a copy.

If you are ordering a quarter, you do not need to complete a Cut Sheet. A quarter is a half steer divided evenly between two customers. The cuts are standardized to ensure fairness.

Our steers are processed at a lesser weight than commercial steers because we do not use any growth hormones. This means that your cuts may be smaller and leaner than you'd find in most supermarkets.

Please visit this web page for more information about different cuts of beef and how to cook them.

Why Buy Local?

Buying locally produced goods helps stimulate your local economy and keeps small farms and businesses viable. It also allows you to develop personal relationships with the owners of the farms, grocers, and shops. You'll know where your food comes from, how it's raised, and when it's harvested, allowing you to make informed choices about health, quality, and flavor for your family.

We appreciate your business and would like to share with you some of the local area farms we hope you'll consider patronizing:
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Virginia Green Grocer & The Virginia Organic Co-operative
Certified Organic Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs Year-Round

Waterpenny Farm
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
Sperryville, Virginia

Great Country Farms
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Bluemont, Virginia

Touchstone Farm
Certified Humane Lamb
Rappahannock County, Virginia

Smith Meadows
Natural Pork, Lamb, Veal, Eggs, & Handmade Pastas
Berryville, Virginia

Briars Farmstead
Natural Pasteurized Pork, Chicken, and Turkeys
2535 Pyletown Road
Boyce, VA 22620

Phone: 540-687-9790
Fax: 540-687-9791